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Mission "Common Enemy" - reloading auto-save just after 2nd checkpoint results in all enemies firing at player --> certain death
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After passing the 2nd checkpoint in the mission "Common Enemy", the game creates and auto-save just after turning onto the dirt road. Further down the road I crashed Slingshot's pick-upc truck and reloaded the auto-save. However it appears that all CSAT and AAF units start firing as soon as loading the auto-save is complete, resulting in instant player death or a destroyed truck. Both are critical mission failures. In order to continue, one has to revert the mission to the beginning because the auto-save is rendered useless.


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Campaign Episode 2: Adapt
Steps To Reproduce
  • Play the mission "Common Enemy"
  • after the 2nd checkpoint the game will auto-save
  • render the car useless, by crashing it into a wall
  • proceed to load auto-save
  • notice that apparently all units become enemy and open fire, resulting in death and/or destruction of Slingshot's truck

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