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Landing auto-pilot reengages after aborted landing
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When the Greyhawk UAV is ordered to land or the auto-pilot for landing is selected from the action menu, the drone will land and do an quite insane amount of taxiing (1 complete lap of the Altis Interntl' Airport runway for example). But if one aborts this by taking driver control and halting the UAV and then starting again, as soon as the driver control is released, the landing auto-pilot will engage itself; the UAV will ignore every other waypoint. The drone is behaving normally only after it has done its complete taxi and has come to standstill.


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce

*Order the UAV to land via waypoint or landing auto-pilot
*abort the landing by assuming driver control (not sure how soon, definitely reproducible when wheels are on the ground) and halt the UAV
*then start again
*release driver control
*watch how UAV lands again

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Just saw this is a dupe of , which has been open since 8/13 :/