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Couple very common objects don't give weapon resting.
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I've found only two objects so far that don't give weapon rest like you would expect.

The knee high rock walls and bigger ruined rock walls are the objects. Here is an album of them:,36VMpCs,EFm8Dne,97XURme#0

I'll upload those in the feedback tracker.
{F25639} {F25640} {F25641} {F25642}


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Check the pictures and you won't see weapon resting in those places.

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With the bigger rock wall you get weapon resting if you're close to the wall edge that's undamaged like expected but those smaller ruined parts don't give any benefit.

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Upvoted. I find that these walls, especially the one in the second picture, are some of the most common points of cover that I use when I'm out in the open.

I could be wrong but I think this might be because the actual 3d geometry of these walls is kind of a sloped mound, to allow walking over them.

Its working strange on these walls, cant deploy bipod on them too properly (it always deploys on ground)

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Well the new deploying seems to work pretty well on those places. Resting is still missing and deploying can't be done on every feet on those low rock walls but this is kind of a half resolved. Resting doesn't still work but deploying kinda eliminates mostly that problem?

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