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Music cannot be heard anymore
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I have music pieces that play through out my missions initiated by the
0 fadeMusic 1;
playMusic "anymusic"; commands and they have been working great until I think todays dev branch update 1.39.129361
It sounds like the first music piece starts for a fraction of a second and stops. No other music is heard thereafter.

Sounds, FX and voice seem to not be affected.


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As of version 1.41.129509, the issue still remains.

Music cannot be played inside missions. I have been looking into the dev report that follows each update but I have not seen any change in the pertaining commands. Have I missed something? Did the music commands change?
Please advise :0

Have you verified that you haven't just turned down the music volume in options?

My computer is dead, so I have no way of verifying this atm.

KDN added a comment.Mar 1 2015, 3:09 PM

Yes, all has been confirmed to work fine in the Standard (non dev) version.

The first music (in intro)in the mission starts for a brief second and then gets muted and every instance of music thereafter is totally muted.

KDN added a comment.Mar 2 2015, 9:40 PM

FIXED in today's update 1.41.129524.
Many appreciative thank yous!! :)