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Invisible weapons in first person
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I started playing last night and bought the P07 9mm, ACP C2 .45, and the Rook-40. I was able to see the weapon model in third person, however when I zoomed into iron sights with any of these weapons, the weapon model would disappear. I read that it might have something to do with the clothing I was wearing, Business Casual. {F25582}


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Wearing Business casual in altis life, go first person with any of the guns listed in the description

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So that's what causes some invisible weapon bugs :o

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Have you tried to reproduce that issue in the ARMA3 Virtual Arsenal?

I am asking, because Altis Life is not an official multiplayer mode from Bohemia Interactive.

Next thing: I can't find those "Business Casual" clothes in the Virtual Arsenal.

Please take your time, try to reproduce the issue (not in Altis Life) and post some pictures in your ticket.

If you can't reproduce the problem, it might be an issue with Altis Life.

This happened in my mission I was working on as well which isn't Altis life. I tested this in the editor as well (maybe OP should've been more descriptive) but this seems to be affected to all handgun items. All handguns who uses U_NikosAgedBody will be invisible.

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The uniforms model ("\A3\Characters_F_EPC\Civil\c_nikos_aged.p3d") has no pistol proxy in it's View Pilot-LOD.

The uniform "U_NikosAgedBody" can not be found in the Virtual Arsenal, because it's a protected class (scope = 1). However, the unit "C_Nikos_aged" can be set using the editor.

Repro Steps:

  1. place the following unit:

Faction: Civilians
Class: Men (Story)
Unit: Nikos (Formal)

  1. put this in the units init box:

this addWeapon "hgun_ACPC2_F"

  1. start mission