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Unable to enter sights while walking
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When modifying your character's movement with Walk (Hold), you are unable to enter your weapon's sights. I have not attempted reproducing the issue with Walk (Toggle).


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Steps To Reproduce

– Bind key to walk (hold).
– Move forward while holding walk.
– Attempt to enter your weapon's sights.

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I am unable to reproduce this.

I have my "Walk or run temporary" bound to Left Shift and my sights on the RMB. (

Any mods that could be intercepting the keybinds or maybe it's just a specific key combination which you are using that is making this happen?

No mods. My "Walk or run toggle" is LCTRL and sights RMB. Might the issue lie somewhere in that specific combination?

LCTRL is the only modifier which can be used in combination with the mouse buttons in the key mapping menu.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that you have something bound to LCTRL+RMB?

In this case, LCTRL + RMB combo executes and takes precendence over RMB by itself, and that's where the conflict comes into play, which kinda makes sense.

I didn't see a red "key conflict" notifier thing, but it looks like LCTRL+RMB defaults to Optic Mode, and removing that bind fixed this issue.