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Reload of a personal weapon in toggleable FFV slots continues even if the unit loses FFV during reload
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When the player is in an FFV position that can stop being FFV (Co-pilot taking controls, Tank commander turning in), the reload that was started but not finished continues while the unit is no longer FFV-enabled.


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Firing from Vehicles
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open editor, place yourself down as a Sniper (Has weapon with long reload time)
  2. Place an empty MH-9
  3. Launch mission, get in the MH-9 as Co-pilot
  4. Fire a bullet, then start reloading your sniper rifle than "Take controls" of the MH-9
  5. Observe that you can now start up the helicopter and pilot it, while the reloading your rifle is not interrupted
  6. Wait until the reload animation is complete, then "Release controls"
  7. Observe that the reload completed successfully as you have a fresh magazine loaded
Additional Information

Technically, we can argue that the tank commander resumes his reload inside the turret as he is invisible, but this just seems like a bug as there can be other positions with FFV which are not capable of doing so, like the MH-9 Co-pilot and are visible.

My suggestion is that the moment FFV is disabled, any reloads in progress are aborted.

To really drive the point home, as co-pilot start flying the helicopter, release controls, start reloading your rifle and take controls again.

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