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AI FFV tank commander in player led tank unable to turn in after turning out
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If you are the effective commander of a vehicle with a commander FFV which is occupied by AI and you make him turn out, he will never turn in again on his own and you do not have an option to tell him to turn in.

This usually results in that AI's swift death at the first sign of combat.


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AI Control / Commanding
Steps To Reproduce
  1. In editor, place down an AMV-7 Marshall with player as the commander
  2. Launch the mission and switch positions with the gunner
  3. Turn out and observe that other AI in your vehicle will also turn out
  4. Turn back in
  5. Observe that the other AI in your vehicle will also turn in, except the commander
Additional Information

You can also run into a firefight, the commander will not turn back in.

AI Commanders in tanks like T-100 that do not have commander FFV will turn back in the moment you as the effective commander turn in.

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