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Commanders / Co-pilots with FFV take up cargoIndex
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As of todays build, commanders and co-pilots that have FFV return a cargo index (AMV-4 Marshall - 0, MH-9 - 6, etc.), even though this is not a cargo position that you can move a unit in with moveInCargo (commanders still require moveInCommander and co-pilots require moveInTurret).

This causes problems with cargo detection and causes problems with units not being moved in cargo as expected.

For example, doing:

player moveInCargo [myAmv, 0];

will result in nothing happening even tho the vehicle is empty, has cargo seats and one would assume the first cargo seat in the vehicle is 0 indexed.


player moveInCargo myAmv;

Will also result in nothing happening as it tries to move the unit into cargoIndex 0 and in this case, that cargo index is taken up by the commander


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place yourself down as a soldier
  2. Place an empty AMV-4 Marshall, name it amv
  3. Open the console and run: "player moveInCargo [amv, 0]
  4. Observe that nothing happens
  5. Enter the AMV-4 you placed down as commander
  6. Enter into one of the watch fields "(vehicle player) getCargoIndex player"
  7. Observe that it returns 0, as if it were the first cargo slot of the vehicle
  8. Leave the vehicle and run: "player moveInCargo amv"
  9. Observe that nothing happens as commander slot has taken up the cargo index 0 and moveInCargo is unable to move you into it

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