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Vermin 3 round burst from MH-9 Copilot seat magazine bug
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When using 3 round burst with the Vermin SMG from the copilot seat of the MH-9 (There has to be either a pilot or a person in another FFV seat as well) (and I assume the other xH-9 variants as well) you can fire through all of your magazines without needing to reload. So say you have 3 magazines, each with 30 rounds. You can flip to 3 round burst and pull the trigger 30 times in a row and fire off all 90 bullets without having to stop to reload.


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Firing from Vehicles
Steps To Reproduce

Equip a (loaded) Vermin SMG with at least one spare magazine in your inventory.

Get in the copilot seat of an MH-9 (Make sure there's a pilot or someone on the FFV seats) and ready your Vermin on 3 round burst.

Continuously fire until your ammo reaches 0, noticing that you never had to reload or stop firing.

Additional Information

Sorry I can't get a video up, I'm confined to my laptop right now and I don't have any recording software.

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Confirmed, but note that this only works when there are other units in either the pilot seat or bench FFV seats.

Empty helicopter or units only being in the cargo area that doesn't have FFV will prevent this bug from happening.