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Headless Client gamelogic does not show in playableUnits array
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As the tin says, a Headless Client gamelogic even when set as playable doesn't show up in the playableUnits array.

Why is this relevant? If I wanted to setGroupOwner to a headlessClient with an unknown name by looking through playableUnits - such would be impossible.


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Not A Bug
Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Place Headless Client gamelogic and set to playable
diag_log playableUnits

Additional Information


Returns a list of playable units (occupied by both AI or players) in a multiplayer game. This does not include dead players awaiting respawn.

Note: Headless clients are "alive" as (alive h1) = true

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You can already return hc with allmissionobjects. Adding it to playableunits might break many older scripts.

All virtual units won't appear in playableUnits afaik. This seems like a design decision and I think it's a good one personally.

Good point, I was up late and had a hairbrained idea. Feel free to close KK

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