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JTAC class realism
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For the JTAC, it would make more sense and be more realistic if when switching to the laser designator that the laser designator be mounted on a tripod to stabilize it. No JTAC freehands a laer designator like a pair of binoculars. {F25511}


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Further, the laser designator itself could be more realistic looking. Animations to improve how a JTAC sets up in his position would be cool also.

The LLDR is used in combination with the Target Location Module (TLM) to integrate the designator's GPS location with range and direction information from the designator to accuratly plot target coordinates. This is how it's done now. In ArmA 3, in the year 2037, JTACing should be much easier than it is right now.

The current GPS is the DAGR. This GPS, or some future version (especially the GUI and overall appearance) should be integrated into the game.

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Yeah vlad those are great pics of bad technique. That causes unwanted laser shake at the point of the target. That may be fine for initially acquiring the target, but that's it. After that you need to becon a tripod or cribbing the designator on your ruck or a sandbag, like a sniper would do. You illustrate my point beautifully. Thank you.

And this feedback tracker is not just about bugs, So, thanks for being kind if a dick.

I dont know your point, what is shakin? Cant you lay down for aquire a target? jeez, grow up! What is faster using with tripod or standard? Battlefield require fast work.

Also laser code is important if we talking about realism.

Laser code is to eliminate mistakes and guide weapons at particular target even when other lasers are in field of view of weapon's sensor.

Also such devices should not update range to target while laser is switched off.

ArmA 3 now:
-Lack of laser code selection
-Lack of bipods
-Laser designator constantly updates range
-Lack of cooperation with GPS receivers
-All designators are eye safe

ArmA 2 OA ACE:
-IIRC there was a version with bipod
-Working laser code selection
-Laser designator updates range only while laser is active
-Cooperation with DAGR
-IIRC it was still eye safe
-Some vehicles had LWDs

Real ones:
-In most cases you can stabilize them using bipods
-Laser code can be selected
-If there is range display option it will update range only while laser is active
-Some devices can be connected to other devices like GPS receiver
-Laser designators are rather not eye safe (they can blind you)
-Some vehicles have laser warning devices

You cannot lay down if grass or other things are blocking your field of view.
Or i gonna say other way. You can lay down but it only makes you blind ;-)

Even in the prone the aimpoint moves, and it absolutely should not. It can be stabilized with breath hold, but thus is thouroughly unrealistic. A laser point that mives around that much is unusable and would be rejected in any CAS environment in favor of a talk on or Bomb-on-coordinate. Vlad I am a Subject Matter Expert in CAS. I spent 17 years as a UAS pilot with combat and engineering flight test experience, flight instructor and instructor in CAS, indirect fires, and Joint Firepower Coordination. My report was meant for the devs to add realism, not to go round and round with you.