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GUI Editor import/export error when using quotes in control text field
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Cant import exported UI template in GUI Editor format because of quotes/apostrophe in the text field of RscStructuredText class control.
Exported GUI Editor entry is:

[1101,"st_mod_time_1",[2300,"<img image='Resources\icon_clock.paa' width=12 height=12/> 01:15:27",["21.5 * GUI_GRID_W","1 * GUI_GRID_H","4.5 * GUI_GRID_W","1 * GUI_GRID_H"],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],"","-1"],[]],

When I'm trying to import:
11:15:00 Error in expression <1101,'st_mod_time_1',[2300,'<img image='Resources\icon_clock.paa' width=12 heigh>
11:15:00 Error position: <Resources\icon_clock.paa' width=12 heigh>
11:15:00 Error Missing ]

So I replaced ' to "" and UI template import had no errors in this case.
But I need to do this every time I want to import my template to GUI Editor after export.

The original text string in editor was:
<img image='Resources\icon_clock.paa' width=12 height=12/> 01:15:27

And if I change apostrophe to double quotes in editor text field - it will cause the same error when I will try to import template.

Seems that problem is in GUI_fnc_export function.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open GUI Editor
  2. Create StructuredText control
  3. Put this string inside the text field:

<img image='Resources\icon_clock.paa' width=12 height=12/> 01:15:27

  1. Export to GUI Editor format
  2. Import exported template to GUI Editor

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Maybe just stop using quote?