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AI not reacting to fire
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Sometimes AI doesn't react to sounds and fire. I'm not sure about the reproducibility, but it happened to me several times.

1- (took in the single player "Adapt" campaign, during a scout mission. It was the the secondary objective called "Elite Warriors" and I had to kill the special forces inside Syrta city).

2- (took in the editor, but I don't know how I got this happening: other times, when I tried reproducing the same situation, the bug didn't appear)

3- (single player scouting mission, objective "One shot one kill")

UPDATE: I've attached both a mission I've made where you can see the bug, and the .rpt file after playing that mission. {F25474} {F25475}


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Video 1 -
Play the Elite Warriors mission, go inside Syrta and kill those soldiers. Try not going in front of their face or in the middle of their line of sight.
They won't see you.

I don't know what parameters were used for those soldiers in the single player campaign and if those were the cause of the bug.
The bug happens inside and outside buildings. I THINK (but this is only my thought) it's a bug happening when an AI is on a "cover" indexed position (behind a wall, in front of a window...)

I'm sorry I can't be more helpful.

Video 2 -

I just started near an house (the same one of the campaign for my comfort) in Syrta and I put two men inside of it with the editor and without any parameter: just double clicking inside the building.
I've tried to put the first AI in the entrance corridor, looking at the entrance door and the other one in front of a window inside the main room.
When I killed the first guy, I found the other soldier outside, prone, and he didn't react to my fire.

UPDATE: I've attached both a mission I've made where you can see the bug; and the .rpt file after playing that mission.

To reproduce:
1-Play the mission in the editor
2-WALK (not run) inside the building you're looking at
3-When you'll see the enemy, try shooting him. He'll go prone and won't do anything.

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Can you provide us rpt files?

I've been able to reproduce this within the editor, then I've played the mission and uploaded my .rpt file.

I've saved the mission too, so you can reproduce it by yourself (just to be clear: the mission I exported was stored inside C:\User\Username\Documents\Arma 3\missions\AI%20Bug.Altis) :)

Moreover I've updated both the description and the repro steps!

Well, i played attached mission, and all works good. Ai not reacting to you before they hear you. I shoted near hima and he instantly started to atack me. Wheni escaped to other room he stand and start to search me. The thing is i'm using ASR_AI3, beacuse game is unplayable without this mod. There is main config, where you can se ai dispersion, spotting, and generall skill, and their behavior is like in real.

I understand, but I'd prefer Bohemia to correct their game's bugs, even if I'll surely try the ASR AI mod :)

Without the mod, if you go walking inside the building, the AI won't do anything: get close to the other room's "door" and if you shoot, the AI will just go prone :)

In the mission I uploaded, if you run inside the building, also without the mod, the AI will react, even if this doesn't work in the single player campaign "Elite Warriors" mission at all! :)

New update with this video (video 3):

I didn't export and upload only that small part of the video, but the linked one will start in the "bug part" you need to see.

(this is the update I did for the ticket 002456)

oukej added a comment.Feb 17 2015, 2:50 PM

Thank you for the report. Should be fixed in the next dev branch update

Thank you for your awesome support! :)

Seems this hasn't still been solved in some situations...Should I open a new ticket for this? I have a video from the "Win" single player campaign about this.

Please do :) If you can, please try to describe the course of actions that led to the situations or even better the actual repro steps - if you are able to reproduce the situation in isolated case in the editor. Thank you very much!

Here it is! I made a new ticket with the same subject :) hope it will be useful!

Unluckily I don't know how to reproduce it in the editor! Sorry about!