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Cant select multiple modfolders with the "add local modfolder" function of the Arma 3 Launcher
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of all the possible context menus in windows, could you please choose one of the file browsers for the A3 Launcher that lets you select multiple local modfolders at once?
not sure how hard it would have been, to use, instead of the one where you can only add one modfolder at once, the one where you can add multiple modfolders at once, in the first place, but i think it would make a lot of sense to change it!
i have at this point short to 160 modfolders to manage and i thought the A3 Launcher was supposed to be the inhouse solution to adress this common need.


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we have a new dialog for folder selection ready and it will allow you select multiple folders at once. We'll try to deploy it with the next update (1.40).

In the current version you can select a folder that contains you mod folders (the Arma 3 folder in your case) in Options (through the gear button in top right corner) and the Launcher will automatically detect and enlist all mods in the folder.

thats a positive response in less than an hour, the implicit/sarcastic critisicsm in my report shall hereby reflect on my poor manners but not anymore on Arma 3 Development :}


a new folder selection dialog is now available in Dev Branch and RC Branch and will be in the Stable Branch when it's released in a few days.