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Game FPS/Utilization
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I Should preface this with I have seen quite a few reports of this but there only ever seems to be wild speculation of what is causing it and the reports tend to simply be I have low fps which really doesn't help.

Very Simply the game is performing very poorly I have spent a lot of time going through several community fixes I am now at the end of that road and have come to the conclusion this is beyond my knowledge.

ironically the gpu is used more in a loading screen than when in game


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N/A I will give as much detail as possible about my rig and my issue but sadly this seems to only effect some people on some setups

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I Have tried a couple guides I have changed:

The pre rendered frames from 1000 to 1 while I did get an improvement of 2fps from 8fps. 10 fps still isn't playable.

In Game settings are the default Auto detect (When sampling was changed to 150% +10fps)

I Also tried setting a frame rate target via EVGA Precision X (No Change)

I Also tried changing the render distance even when object and render were at 12000 (no change)

Tried setting everything to lowest only got 61 Fps Gpu utilization was close to 10 % so i still have 90% of my gpu not being used

Run Parameters:

DxDiag provided in ZIP
Image showing only 50% Cpu Usage
and next to 0% Gpu Utiliation

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