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Make some common military stuff easier to produce
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Make common things like making a convoy or a helicopter insertion/extraction an easier process. It takes a lot of work to make a convoy work and most of the time the AI ends up screwing it up.

It's also hard to script a helicopter landing, AI tends to land wherever they want to - you should have the ability to get them to land exactly where you want them to, each and every time you play a mission.

Too much custom scripting seems to be needed to make simple things happen in this game, and it would be great if you could improve the editor so scripting isn't as important, and it would make it much more friendly to more casual users.


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I gave you an upvote, but don't agree with everything you said.

With the helicopter for example: with an invisible LZ object you can pinpoint exactly where a helicopter should land, have you used this?. And you can get very far with some basic scripting. I feel that if you like to make any kind of interesting convoy / patrol / insertion behaviour, you should be able to make some scripts. It's often easier than creating a clutter of waypoints and triggers in my opinion.

I agree with you that some things could be improved with regard to convoys/transports:

  • helicopters still land awkwardly since OFP, soaring high in the sky before landing.
  • AI driving is often a mess with braking, taking corners, avoiding obstacles. One relatively simple fix I would like to see is that vehicles maintain speed better and don't bump into each other in convoys when for instance going down hill.

I've used invisible helipad, is that different from invisible LZ? Because while the helipad works fairly well for me it still isn't a 100% solution, every once in a while the AI decides it wants to land somewhere else.

I agree. I dont play much online multiplayer due to a terrible public community and a lack of finding an ok clan, so i play with the editor. Its incredibly hard for someone who knows shit about scripting or mission making like me to do the things stated on the ticket.