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Arma3 does not shut down reliably / all of the time when started with Launcher
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If you start Arma3 using the Launcher - Arma3 often remains running in the background after exiting the game and returning to the Launcher. This seems to occur fairly regularly but it is difficult to reproduce 100%. It possibly relates to regular Alt tabbing back to desktop while in the game/editor (not sure if just the editor) or game.


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Start the Launcher - start Arma3 - use the editor / game - periodically Alt tab back to the desktop and start other applications then Alt tab back to Arma3 and the editor/game - after a while exit Arma3. Start task manager and check if Arma3 is still running. About 60% of the time Arma3 is still running in the background and failed to shut down correctly. This only happens when starting Arma3 with the Launcher.

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unfortunately we can't replicate your issue at all, nor we can't find anything wrong with the Launcher itself that would hold the game process open. Our QA is still trying to replicate the issue, but so far, nothing. :(

The two possibilities (or more like wild guesses) that I currently consider are a BattlEye magic ( and Steam magic (because I have a similar problem with two games on my personal laptop) but investigation doesn't revealed anything conclusive.

I have been doing some testing and it seems to relate to launching Arma3 with mods activated via the launcher, then Alt tabbing back to the desktop from within editor. Cannot replicate issue without mods activated. It might have something to do with delayed write or swapping or file locks.

Arma3 closes down without issue and reliably with mods running if launched via Steam link and same switching process mentioned above.

So if it's most likely a mod issue - I suggest you close this ticket and dup please since it clearly like looking for a needle in a haystack and not a major issue.


does it happen with any arbitrary mod? Can you tell us which mods you usually use, so we can narrow down our testing?

Also you may try use the Windows Resource Monitor or the Sysinternal's Process Explorer/Monitor to look for any files or other system resources that are used after you shutdown the game.

I have been doing a lot of testing and I am convinced that this issue is not mod specific. I am also pretty certain that this has nothing to do with BattleEye - since the no shutdown issue has been present for some months now prior to BE installation.

The mods I am running currently are A3MP (map pack), Drift No fatigue, Jurassic Arma - Raptor Pack and Reduced Weapon Sway. It appears to relate to mod load timing and memory allocation rather than any specific mod. With vanilla Arma3 (no mods) - A3 shuts down fine.

Interestingly I have noticed that Steam In-game Overlay process - gameoverlayui.exe start up is delayed when mods are being loaded and that it takes a longer than normal time to shut down when the Arma3 process is killed or when A3 terminates normally when no mods are running.

< 45 minutes later

Having monitored Steam GameOverlayUI shut down timing it seems this process does not terminate smoothly as indicated above once Steam detects Arma3 process termination. Process monitor indicates multiple attempts to shut down this exec.

So I'm pretty sure after more testing that this issue relates to the GameOverlayUI. If I switch off Steam overlay In-game (Steam>Settings>In-Game>Uncheck box) and then fire up Arma3 with multiple mods - Arma3 appears to shut down normally.

It is possible that the GameOverlayUI process 'stalls' after a lengthy Arma3 start up. The only thing I can think of is that when A3 loads mods there is a start up timing issue due to mod loading time and probably a related memory allocation/address problem.

Anyway hope this is of some help.

that's thanks for investigation, splendidly done! I'm downloading the mods now, and I will pass the info to our QA department. Sorry we're not much of a help, but no one here can replicate the issue, hopefully we we'll be more successful this time.