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Challenges > CoF / Firing Ranges - Option to switch off new weapon sway
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I enjoy trying to improve on my times with the firing ranges, but since the introduction of the increased weapon sway (which I like) the medal times are more or less unachievable now. Especially on the longer courses.

I would welcome an option to revert back to the old weapon handling regime for the purposes of the firing ranges ONLY. It would be preferable as an option (perhaps in the menu prior to selecting a CoF) because there are obvious benefits to practising your shooting skills on the ranges with the new weapon sway mechanic as well!

I know it's almost trivial. It's a negative side-effect caused by making positive amendments to the game, but for me it's a shame that the Time Trial feature is somewhat ruined now (unless the medal times are increased and everyone has their stats reset - not sure if it would be a popular option).

Thanks for any consideration.


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