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Custom sound size and limit of sounds used in user created missions needs increasing & better documentation
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There seems to be conflicting information regarding the limits for custom sounds in A3.

A2 - limits were previously (ignoring server side restrictions) set at:
Filesize: max. 50 KB
Filetype: OGG
Number of custom sounds: max. 10

Clearly these limits are not applicable to A3.

I am currently using around 41 custom sounds in a mission I'm building. They are .ogg (16bit mono 22khz) format and range in size from 5k to 1MB each - total mission sound overhead = 4.8 MB.

Whilst I am able to load this mission with the relatively high number of custom sounds I noticed a significant delay in MP load times when custom sounds increased beyond +/-30. Not sure of exact number and corresponding size on disk.

This feature request is for a larger quantity of custom sound files to be supported and a corresponding increase in cumulative/individual sound file size.

It would also be great to know what the current A3 limits really are and if there are ways to improve load times / buffering i.e. via playback commands in editor or scripts. There is very little info on this subject on the BIS wiki from what I can see.


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