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Awful frame rate with high quality computer!
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I have what I like to believe is a extremely high end computer using a 4770k @ 4.2 ghz and sli Asus 770's. I bought arma when it was on sale and while playing I was getting fps dips down to the low 20's at very high settings. I was wondering if there are any ways to try and fix this issue as it is making the game very hard to play.


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Play any type of mission on arma 3

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It's pretty much like this for everyone...

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Yes, beacuse game doesnt use full power of PC. I recomend to search on some forums, i have this issue too. One that i dont recomend is using custom malloc - no effect for me, only more crashes. Rest of parameters on command line works good. This isnt changing fact that BI should modify a bit code of game.