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SSgt. Adams should not be called "Sir"
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In the campaign, specifically episode one, Kerry and others call SSgt Adams "Sir" several times. "Sir" is reserved for Commissioned Officers ONLY, with the exception of USMC Basic Training, which has no relation to the campaign.

Additionally, the helicopter pilot calls Adams "Sir" as well, implying that he is enlisted. Helicopter pilots are required to be Commissioned Officers, so this also makes no sense.

This issue really ruins the immersion of the campaign for me, because, frankly, it feels like the people who wrote the lines knew NOTHING about military protocol. Arma, of all games, should abide by the real-life rules.

Thanks guys and happy line-changing! :)


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
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Play "Drawdown 2035" in "Survive"

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Kerry should also be wearing headgear since he's outside, but that's beside the point.

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Even though it may be true, there's no way their going to redo all the voice-overs just for that.