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Virtual Arsenal - impossible to see player character if arsenal placed in dark area or night
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A possible oversight - but a real problem when using the virtual arsenal in dark areas or night time. It's impossible to see the player character and this virtually makes the arsenal useless.

And before all you overly helpful reporters jump in with a work around - 'just place a light source near the arsenal or place the arsenal in a well lit area' - this is often not a practical solution.

The arsenal should use a virtual background at night or ideally a customizable background. {F25383}


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Virtual Arsenal
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Place the virtual arsenal in a mission anywhere where it is not lit up - change time to night. Attempt to use the arsenal - stare at black screen.

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You can change to Nightvision, Thermal, etc. in the dev-branch.

Thanks - again this is not always practical. I reckon a great solution would be to add a virtual and or customizable background as an option.

Don't think that's actually possible without spawning in an object to act as the background (which would have no effect on the lighting anyway)

@SilentSpike certainly is possible. See ASOR gear selector available at a friendly Armaholic near you. In fact many missions makers have been using this as an alternative to VAS and VA because it has this functionality and a virtual bg. Lôôk at the file I uploaded. So vote for this ticket please. It needs fixing.

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ASOR Gear Selector just moves the character off the side the the map and adds an object as a background. It puts a #lightpoint at the camera so you can see the character even if it's pitch black. A light on the camera would probably solve the problem for VA too.

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Pointless, just use nightvision or thermal.