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Some Addons from Steam Workshop don't download and don't apply in game
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Some addons from the steam workshop such as re-textures, new weapons, aren't working. Some addons download but don't apply in game, and some aren't downloading at all. Here are some examples of the addons that are not working; HLC MP5 Pack,TFAx - International Units,TFA - Naval Special Warfare Gear, ArmA 3 Insignia 150+, Marine Expeditionary Force. Although, addons such as scenarios work absolutely fine.


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Steps To Reproduce

Simply try and download the addon from the Steam Workshop

Additional Information

I tried downloading from the steam app and from arma 3 (when you go and download new scenarios) and both don't work.

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do you use official Arma 3 Launcher to download mods and enable them in the game?

Nope, that would explain why they aren't applying in game. Can you give me a link? And if you mean the vanilla Arma 3 launcher (the one that comes directly with the game) then yes I'm using that.

Yes, I meant "vanilla Arma 3 launcher". Does it shows any mods on the MODS tab, or is the list empty?

I'll need to review Launcher logs to determine what is the problem.
Can you please upload files from following folder:

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Arma 3 Launcher\Logs

Nvm everything works, I didn't realize there was another launcher to enable mods.

OK, I'm closing this as resolved.

Have fun and enjoy the game.