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Server browser cripples home connection if wrong server is selected
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If I select server with red dot and try to connect after a while it will show message that I have a mod selected that is not supported, but then server browser gets crippled and updates very slowly. Additionally this cripples my entire home connection, I suspect it does something to the wifi router too because all my other wifi devices get crippled as well. This lasts for a few minutes.

Also when this is happening trying to connect to red X server may just say connection lost on the first try and only on second try say bad version.


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The local crippling effect on PC last longer and closing Arma 3 solves the slow down.

Apart from obvious something wrong with it, raises a question, why try to connect player to a server that is marked as not suitable already?

tried running wireshark on your local network to see what the congestion is? (ie, from steam server listing responses, or arma server)