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The command selectionPosition searches only in Memory LOD
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The command selectionPosition should return positions of selections in the model.

On the wiki, it says:
Search for selection in the object model (first in the memory level, then in geometry LODs)

Which is not the case. Anyway, even if this never was the case it sould be expandet to search in all relevant LODs like:

  1. memory LOD
  2. hitpoints LOD
  3. geometry LOD
  4. resolution LODs

I can make a example with doors:

So on the average building in arma 3 there are doors and you want to get the position of these doors in render time scope you need selectionPosition, each door has named selections in the memory lod (door_x_trigger,door_handle_x_axis and door_x_axis). Now when the door is animated, normaly you have one selection that is animated with it (door_handle_x_axis) and the axis the door is animated around (door_x_axis), so you could get the center of the door between those two points. But there are three problems with it:

  1. door_handle_x_axis is always ~ 2° +/- to the door
  2. even on the same building the 2° offset is randomly in or outside the door
  3. doors with no animated door handler have no door_handle_x_axis memorypoint so no animated selection on those doors.

Now when you look at the geometry lod, there is a selection called door_x which is the whole door that gets animated.
Sadly there is no way to get selection position from door_x since it is not in the memory lod.

This is just one of a lot examples where selectionPosition would be usfull with other LODs.


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myHouse = cursorTarget;
selectionPosMemory = myHouse selectionPosition "door_handle_1_axis";
selectionPosGeometry = myHouse selectionPosition "door_1";
hintSilent format["memory: %1 geometry: %2",selectionPosMemory,selectionPosGeometry];

output: memory:[1,2,3] geometry:[0,0,0]
but both selections exists in the model...

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