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FV-720 Mora zeroing problem
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The coaxial MG 7.62mm of the FV-720 Mora gunner has a zeroing bug. The zeronig work fine up to 1800m but above (value > 1800) the weapon shoot like with a 100m zeroing.


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Place a FV-720 Mora, use as gunner, use Coaxial MG 7.62mm.
Set zeroing at 1800m and check bullets direction.
Set zeroing at 1900m and check bullets direction.
Work with empty and crewed Mora, placed from the editor or with Zeus.

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Thanks a lot for letting us know, I have adjusted the zeroing ranges and ti should be available in dev branch tomorrow. Could You, please, give it a try and close this issue if it works correctly?

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Same happens with slammer once you set the 6.5 to 1900 meters. I recommend you check all other vehicles for zeroing bugs aswell please.