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JIP packets are lost sometimes
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it seems that JIP packets are lost if no player is connected on mission start.
For example we are using a script that is closing all doors via setVariable.

If no player is connected and someone is connecting after a while all doors are open.


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Steps To Reproduce

for example

  1. Setup standard altis_life and activate housing
  2. Buy a house
  3. save your gear && stop server
  4. enable -autoinit
  5. start server and wait about 10 minutes
  6. the doors from your house will be open (use your mouse to open the door)
  7. if not try again

if youre connecting before the init process is done the doors will be closed correctly

Additional Information

i only tested this with altis and the normal housing.

but we have some other problems right now that could be assigned to the same issue.

as Workaround for now we are trying to implement the HC client so there is a player online if the missions are on init. the first test are positive.

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This is probably a biproduct of using UDP to send data since its faster and more efficient, but doesn't have any error checking and only sends the data once. It also doesn't bother with setting up a port on the server and the client to send the data since that wastes time. If the packet doesn't get to the destination then it doesn't ever get resent.