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Waypoint type 'Follow' and commandfollow / dofollow do not appear to work correctly
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Unless I'm mistaken the 'Follow' waypoint type does not appear to work correctly. Neither do the commands 'dofollow' or 'commandfollow'. I tried synching waypoints and using triggers but could not get these commands and/or the follow waypoint to work correctly.

If the prerequisite is that the units have to be GROUPED then these commands are practically useless.

In this event this ticket becomes a feature request to allow units in different groups to FOLLOW other units / groups for a period of time or until told to stop/hold.

This feature request would be for the FOLLOW waypoint to have an expanded functionality to include non grouped units. The same applies with the commandfollow and do follow commands.


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The doFollow and commandFollow commands are 'return-to-formation' commands and they are meant to be used within a group.

I use scripts to position soldiers from a group at different guard points and stay there. When it is time to move out, I use commandFollow to restore the original formation.

I see your point at wishing for groups to follow other groups. As long as there is no specific command to do so you might want to use scripted waypoints with game logics. They allow for much more flexibility and you can use this to give different groups the same waypoints.

@joostSidy thanks - I can easily work around these limitations - but I think this additional functionality would be helpful to those who do not want to script.