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Say3D needs a Global equivalent like call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d to easily play 3D sound on all clients
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Firstly Merry Christmas/Happy festive season to all at BIS.

Currently it is very difficult to get Say3D to work on all clients in a MP game unless called via a trigger.

What we ideally need is a native command in Arma3 like the CBA option call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d which works faultlessly if called via most methods.

We also need is the ability to stop say3D without having to delete the attached object.


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Basically its a pain the butt trying to get say3D to work on all machines if called on a client machine via an addaction or similar process. It's easy to use if called by a trigger but this is often not an ideal method.

We need an easier/simpler method of playing 3D sound with global effect like that offered by CBA i.e. [player, "sound",500] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;

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VERY IMPORTANT : What we also need is the ability to stop say3D !!

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BIS_fnc_MP is a way that you can execute local commands globally.

Yep I know but its tricky to get say3D to work reliably within an Addaction command for example even using BIS_fnc_MP. I really think ARMA3 needs a native command that can do what CBA_fnc_globalSay3d can do without us having to install CBA framework (I know most people have it installed already).

yeah a native say3D global command would be very helpfull.

I agree. There is workarounds but I'm getting tired of jerry rigging things to work as they should in Arma 3.