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Ground transport HEMTT Trackor and trailers ideas to work like euro truck simulator2
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I saw that just across the river from one of the offices from Bohemia in Prauge is SCS software. The makers of Euro Truck simulator2. In this simulator, much like your own, it features trucks that back up to trailers and attach link and
delink. You should contact this scs and see if you can work on some project to
add to your military sim line or add possible extended features to the Arma3
trucks, tanks attaching to recessed flatbeds, heavy loads across cities etc.
Being that they are right in your backyard sort of speak, please look into getting some help from them. I'm sure you can afford to hire them as consultant for the vehicle simulation. That would add so much to the Arma series. Make the HEMTT really function in the future. Thank you for your dedication and hard work.
Merry Xmas and New Years.


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About eurotrucks2, Also available on STEAM

Bibliography links: --shows the features in heavy loads,
helicopters, tanks, boats etc.

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Interesting proposal

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Even after testing out the tech demo for SpinTires, This is a very interesting method of implementing a truck hauling, driving to the simulation for logistical cargo moving. Hope bohemia improves on the combined operations of all vehicles to help support the troops. We all know it's focus is infantry, but if you're going to include other vehicles, please use your game engine to do it right.