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First checkpoint after talking with guard, slingshot is not comming back to car
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'Common enemy'. I've tried to reload mission many times, but this issue always happens. At first checkpoint Slingshot goes out from the car to talk with guard. After some time Kerry is saying something like 'OK, that's it' and on youtube I saw that this Slinghot guy is coming back to car. I waited a very long time but he never goes back to the car. I can't proceed with mission without it.

I would be grateful for some advice/help.

Michal {F25305} {F25306}


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Campaign Episode 2: Adapt
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Common enemy mission starts
  2. I go with other guys for some time and then we split
  3. I go with 'Slinghot' and two guys in the back.
  4. I am a driver
  5. I follow instructions and go down the road to the first checkpoint
  6. I stop the car before first checkpoin, Slinghot goes out to talk with guard
  7. After long time slingshot is not comming back

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OP: Windows 8.1 64 bit

GPU: GTX 760 4GB 256-Bit GDDR5

CPU: AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Vishera 8-Core 4.0GHz

Mods: No mods active/in Arma 3 folder


All other reports matching this have been after the 2014-12-04 update, version

AI will go through animation of talking to check point guard, turn in place toward vehicle then restart animation of talking at the truck. After going though the animation again, the AI turn 10 degrees left or right and restart animation. Will always look in trucks direction (even if moved) as if meaning to head to the vehicle but failing to do so.

Have tried different AI difficulties from game options menu, no effect. Positioning passenger door right next to AI so that if the path finding wouldn't have to do moving, just get into the vehicle. Have also tried to nudge AI away from guard with truck in order to break talking interaction with guard by distance, like many other interactions in the game.

(1/16/2015)-Added specs

Problem still happening. Would consider game breaking as it's stoping the campaign from continuing.

Same problem here.

Same problem here. No mods, tried the same things as swanie, he just keeps restarting his animation

Can confirm, I have exactly the same problem with and without mods.

This problem is a game breaker, you can't continue in the campaign because of this.

I have this problem also. No mods active. Can't continue the campaign. How do we fix this.

Same here, Cant continue story line...

exactly same problem...

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Same issue and no way around it, hope this is fixed soon as it renders the single player campaign useless

Maxen added a comment.Jan 16 2015, 4:05 PM

Just to add, I've found a work around using the arma cheat "end mission" -

It at least allows to you end this mission and carry on with the campaign in general.

Just download other campaign, on intro mission same animation and stuck again....

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Using current stable build (1.38), and only VTS Weaponrest mod loaded, I replayed Common Enemy (not a revert, just a replay, as I have already finished campaign). Mission played perfectly without a hitch.