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Add the ability to fully copy zeus units in the multipalyer zeus game mode to allow for use of customized unit load outs and AI
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   At the current time it is very time intensive to use customized units and containers in the multiplayer zeus mode. It may take 15 seconds to modify a soldier regarding load out, even using saved load outs and to also importantly modify the AI Skill level and Health properties. It takes even longer to correctly modify an ammo box to hold only certain items and the same for vehicle properties. This quickly adds up if you are trying to make a well sized group of enemies for a scenario and no one wants to wait very long. 

   Copying customized units and pasting them does not carry over any of the customized properties whether it is the AI properties or inventory items that have been changed, it merely provides another copy of the original prior to modification. This would be a very good and subtle addition to the zeus game mode and would allow for faster scenario creation and more time spent playing and less time waiting. 

   It is very difficult to create an authentic scenario with units who don't look like clone troopers while varying the AI skill level for different groups and copying them.

   Adding this feature will make it possible to quickly create interesting full squads by first making a handful of units and adding the custom load outs and properties and then multiplying them into squads, the same goes for ammo boxes and vehicles.


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I was just about to make a ticket for this. Would be good if BI added this, If they can.

We need this nooooow.