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-showScriptErrors is not showing script errors?
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I'm not sure if it's just me, but I'm not seeing any script errors come up with this parameter? {F25268}


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Enter '-showScriptErrors' into the parameter box in the launcher.

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Can anyone confirm that this is not working? :) Cheers

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I believe this parameter was integrated by default into the Arma 3 engine. Any scripting error will ALWAYS show on screen until corrected.


we have tried reproduce this issue and it seems to me that the -showScriptErrors parameter it is working as intended.

a) The parameter is passed through the Launcher correctly to the game.
b) Without the parameter execution of incorrect script doesn't cause anything, with the parameter present the game displayed white text on black background.

Can you be more specific about why you think that the parameter is not working?

Hi! So, ok, I've attached a screenshot of the parameter line on the Arma 3 : Launcher. Perhaps I've made some mistake? I'm assuming everything in the screenshot is correct? Next, I've entered the editor and opened the Debug Console, calling a script with nul = [] execVM "Test.sqf";. The SQF has a series of intentional errors - but I'm not seeing anything on screen. It's been working in the past, before the update. Huge apologies if I'm doing something stupid!

just remove the semicolon from the parameter (-showscripterrors; => -showscripterrors) and it will work just fine. Arma won't recognize the parameter otherwise.

Or you can go to the Parameters page / tab Advanced / section Author a enable "Show Script Errors" option.

Ah! God, so sorry! Thanks, Wizard!

So is it working for you now, can it be resolved?

Yes, it can indeed! I tried to mark it as resolved myself but it wouldn't let me! :) Thanks,