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AI squadmate AT soldiers are pretty useless - too reluctant to fire.
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If you have an AI-controlled AT soldier on your squad, they are not very good at attacking vehicles.

Even if the vehicle is in plain view, they will take a very very long time to position, aim and fire. They also frequently change between rifle and launcher, often for no obvious reason. Sometimes they even run off in the wrong direction for miles.

Occasionally, they work perfectly, but normally, your entire squad is wiped out before they fire!


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AI Control / Commanding
Steps To Reproduce

Place a player soldier on the editor

Place an anti-tank soldier in the same squad.

Nearby, place an enemy vehicle.

Play the map and command the AT soldier to attack the vehicle - give them the target, tell them to 'engage'.

They will take a very long time to get into position and fire, even when should be easy.

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