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Bullets case disappear after firing from weapon.
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While all the weapons except for Kaliba which is able to have caseless magazine all other weapons bullets case are disappearing as soon as you shot them.While playing PvP its the main feature coming to know weapon type and other stuffs fired around the area.Every bullets directly disappear from ground itself.


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Perks of the engine. They are animated objects that fall through the ground and get deleted for simplicity.

This happens in many other games, too.

don't need 80 metric tons of bullet casings laying all over the map after a few firefights. it'll just slaughter FPS even more.

Well that does not make the game more simulation type. Other shooters games are just for taking out enemies not like Arma 3 which is called Military Simulation. It doesn't takes any FPS problems. I thought it would make game more realistic because every weapon fired except for Case less magazine have shells left around them when fired.

Do "other" games allow you to free roam huge maps like Altis as well?