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Locking disabled for pawnee and hellcat in 1.36
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Is this another unannounced "design decision" not mentioned anywhere in the changelog, just as the radar was removed unannounced?

Cannot aquire locks for guidance when lining up shots with DARs and the MG.


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Try to lock a target with the pawnee or hellcat.

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After more testing I've discovered that it is in most vehicles, the Wipeout as well as an example.

And after testing around in the editor, the issue seem to be that "Auto Guide AT" setting is hardcoded to disabled in the "Regular" difficulty setting.

Is this working as intended or is it a bug?

They removed the radar of off these vehicles because they do not have them in real life. Definitely a design decision, and a step in the right direction imo.

Tuhwin added a comment.Jan 5 2015, 1:20 AM

"do not have them in real life"

We're in the future, remember?

  1. It's now 2015. 20 years in the future is not going to see any revolutionary miniaturization of radar for light vehicles. Pulse-doppler radars don't detect ground targets, and millimeter-wave radar is too expensive and heavy to be put on anything besides heavy attack vehicles. Not even attack jets like the A-10 have it. Only the Apache and AH-1Z among a few others. The Merlin (Mohawk) can be equipped with a pulse-doppler radar, but that only works at sea where there's no ground interference, and can only detect aircraft and weather.