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Some objects become un-editable in Zeus after pressing 'End' key to destroy them
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Some objects (the one I know for sure is the 'Bag Fence (Long)' object from 'Units -> Empty -> Objects (Fortifications)') will become un-editable after you press the 'end' key to destroy them. Up until that point they work fine (as fine as anything else). Some objects (the ones that work correctly) have their icon update (from the yellow 'empty object' icon) to a gray icon to indicate they are destroyed and can still be manipulated and deleted. Some objects appear to just become broken.

This used to work fine for all objects a while ago (I'm not sure exactly the version number).


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start a map with Zeus
  2. Switch to Zeus view, spawn a 'Bag Fence (long)' anywhere in the world
  3. Select the newly placed object
  4. Press 'End'

Notice that the object is no longer editable and cannot be restored.

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Have noticed this as well. Extremely annoying.