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A new mod for arma 3
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Good Morning,

I come to find you because the comunity need a mod for the game Arma 3, yeah it's a mistake because the community love altis life or stratis life
a mod created by a fan of arma 3 and arma 2, you bohemia interactive you created this game so what do you thinking about created a mod such as altis life
or stratis life ? It's a good idea for the community and a good project, i'm just a fan of this game and you have created a game very beautiful !
You deserved a good community and a good yield for your game, sorry for my english but i'm not english, i'm a french, a french fan. thank you ,
I hope it's a good idea that I advise you are , even if I am a player
My idea are make a new mod with a new car and also a new map for this game, i think is a good idea but to you to judge.
Thanks again {F25207}


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I think BI should stick to the simulator/warfare part of Arma.
We really don't need another mod or an expansion like Altis Life, Epoch, Wasteland...

"Arma" means arms or weapons in Latin. The arma series is a military game and always will be, BI would never taint their 14 year old series by making it a GTA clone.

Besides, there's already so many mods like that out there, and there's bound to be more created soon.

Thank you for your feedback, but you might find a better response if you post it on official forums.