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createDialog doesn't play nice with subclass inheritance
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When you inherit from a dialog class and then inherit from the "controls" subclass of the parent dialog, any control classes inherited won't show up when createDialog is used.

They will correctly show up in the config viewer however.


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Steps To Reproduce

Create a new addon and add the example below to config.cpp.

Example_Dialog1 contains a working dialog with a listbox and two buttons. In Example_Dialog2 I expect the dialog to be the exact same, except the background box is white instead of black. However when tested using createDialog you can see this is not the result.

Also worth checking the config viewer to see that the inherited control subclasses are listed correctly.

*Example Below*

class RscButtonMenuCancel;
class RscButtonMenuOK;
class RscListbox;
class RscText;

class Example_RscBaseDialog

idd = -1;
movingEnable = true;
onLoad = "\
    [] spawn {\
        while {dialog} do {\
            if !(alive player) then {\
                closeDialog 0;\


class Example_Dialog1: Example_RscBaseDialog

class controls
    class BackgroundBox: RscText
        x = safezoneX+safezoneW*0.4;
        y = safezoneY+safezoneH*0.325;
        w = 0.2*safezoneW;
        h = 0.165*safezoneH;
        colorBackground[] = {0,0,0,0.7};
    class Listbox: RscListbox
        idc = 101;
        x = safezoneX+safezoneW*0.405;
        y = safezoneY+safezoneH*0.33;
        w = 0.19*safezoneW;
        h = 0.155*safezoneH;
        colorBackground[] = {0,0,0,0.5};
    class ButtonCancel: RscButtonMenuCancel
        action = "closeDialog 0;";
        x = safezoneX+safezoneW*0.44;
        y = safezoneY+safezoneH*0.495;
        w = 0.05*safezoneW;
        h = 0.025*safezoneH;
    class ButtonOK: RscButtonMenuOK
        x = safezoneX+safezoneW*0.51;
        y = safezoneY+safezoneH*0.495;
        w = 0.05*safezoneW;
        h = 0.025*safezoneH;


class Example_Dialog2: Example_Dialog1

class controls: controls
    class BackgroundBox: BackgroundBox
        colorBackground[] = {1,1,1,0.7};


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Reproduced :(
Also, still present in 1.36 :(