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Add "HEATPenetrability" (in addition to existing "bulletPenetrability")
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  1. Currently the game handles armor penetration based on a single target property: bulletPenetrability (in the BISURF file).
  2. Composite armor and ERA could be *easily* and *accurately* handled by introducing a second penetrability type, say "HEATPenetrability".
  3. A corresponding CfgAmmo property would be added as needed, identifying whether the projectile should use HEATPenetrability instead of the default bulletPenetrability, e.g. "HEATPenetrator = 1;"

This way the feature only takes effect if new content is added. Existing content is unharmed.


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This would be *trivial* to introduce code-wise. During the penetration sim, simply direct HEATPenetrators to use HEATPenetrability instead of bulletPenetrability. If the projectile has no special property, or the target BISURF has no HEATPenetrability defined, use bulletPenetrability by default. In pseudocode:

if (projectile.HEATPenetrator == 1 && target.HEATPenetrability != null)

penetrability = target.HEATPenetrability;


  penetrability = target.bulletPenetrability;

That's all! This way:

  1. No existing content gets broken.
  2. New armor & CfgAmmo can be added at leisure.

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