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Gear from units that die up in military cargo posts will simply disappear . . .
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... whenever you try to take it from the dead unit. I had thought it was all maybe falling onto the ground below, but apparently not. It was just gone.

This only happens when the dead unit is on the "stairs" half of the military cargo post. Not the half with the roof.


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I can provide an example mission if needed. But not gonna waste my time if the ticket will just be ignored. Let me know if this is an interest and I will take even more time out of my own day to post an example.

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Reproduction example will be up shortly. I've to set it up.

Edit: Ofcourse I can't repro it at this time. Even though it happened several times yesterday LOL. Okay.. gonna keep fraps handy atleast.

Okay so I'm once again testing and it randomly happens. I had actually noticed another issue, opened fraps and recorded that issue. Then on the next run, the topic's issue re-appeared. There is nothing special about these dead AI other than they came from a sites module and were killed with setDamage (purely for atmosphere). And other than the fact they are on THAT portion of the cargo post. But as I said, it never happens under the part with a roof. Only the "stairs" half.

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