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Dear Bohemia Interactive Team,

If i start the Game in SP i will have on ULTRA settings 40-60 FPS, but in Multiplayer (without of mods)i have only 15-25 FPS on all settings. The settings doesn´t matter i have always 15 to 25 FPS. And if i´m playing with mods (like BattleRoyale) i have better not same FPS like in SP.
I tested Startup Settings with Launcher or Launching ... i don´t knoow the word... by Steam or change Arma.dll in Documents that all doesn´t change something by my FPS D: .

I hope you understand my problem and will fix that because i want to play Missions without of FPS Problems. :D

Thanks for Helping feedback and any Tipps and Ideas.

My System:
( <Older Version> )

-with 8GB RAM
-60 GB SSD for Windows
-The other Componets should be the same


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I don´t know how to reproduce.

Maybe it´s the ocerclocked CPU/GPU i don´t now.

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This has been explained time and time again but I'll reiterate: multiplayer FPS relies on the server's fps, limiting the client fps. Please don't spam the feedback tracker.

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OK now what should i do the other people who are playing have 60 FPS