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You should have a soldier editor in the mission editor...
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One of the most overlooked part of the game is outfitting soldiers when it comes to SP/Co-op or Dedicated Servers - this is a context sensitive huge pain in the ass. You guys should've had something built into the editor long before Zeus came along in order to really make co-op mission making greatly accessible to everyone.

I'm kind of in awe of the fact that it's not in there and that it takes days and even weeks to get enough time to learn enough scripting to deal with such a fundamental issue for anyone not just wanting to make SP-only maps.


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"it takes days and even weeks to get enough time to learn enough scripting to deal with such a fundamental issue"

This is simply untrue. They added the arsenal for those who want to avoid scripting.

Its true that the arsenal is there. But you still have to put code into the init field. Even though it already compiles it for you.
Even If they add a "Soldier Editor" it will pretty much work the same as VA. It'll would run code at the unit's init.

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I'm sorry but VA is not a fix for when you want to create a mission and limit the equipment to a particular set...

Getting people to add their equipment through VA is an incredible break of immersion also...

Seriously, wtf are you even on about ?

You don't get what I'm saying.
I'm trying to point out that a Soldier Editor would be the same as VA because it would still have to run the code on the units initialization.
You might as well use the EXPORT function in VA then put it in the units init box yourself.
Putting a soldier editor inside the mission editor would end up just being drop down menu's on the unit creation dialog.

I do get what you're saying. And from what you just said, you don't know enough to even be commenting.

One does not simply add a bunch of stuff to an initialization field in order to outfit 30 guys when building a co-op mission.

Go and take a look at LEA - it's buggy as hell but works, it does not edit an initialization field and creates 3 seperate files for each single player, server and multiplayer to edit soldiers for each contingency - why?

Well, because of JIP and various other client-server issues which can only be gotten around by coding the game for at least a couple of weeks - to know what you're doing.

That's CODING the game for weeks - not playing it.

Sorry, but if you think the initialization field and an export from VAS is the be-all end-all of loadout editing, you really aren't in a position to be saying much on the issue. You don't even realise what the issue is.

Here is exactly what I'm talking about in a dev-blog:

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