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Interaction with the weapons pool
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You can bring some weapons, magazines and other things after scouting. Lots of weapons could be loaded in the cargo of your vehicle and, after scouting, it'll be unloaded to boxes (by purpose)
The problem is about fitting of these in boxes. Yeah, of course, each of item will be loaded with no losses, but, if you're wishing of taking one of these items there, you won't put it back in proper box. You can drop the item you haven't get to another non-filled box, but it also can become full. Same occurs with the weapons pool that opens in mission briefing.
And this pool can add some more frustration about vests and backpacks. The bad thing is that you can't give your uniforms, vests and backpacks (even goggles) to your squad from this pool.

The solution is in two things:

  1. Make the maximum amount of items in these boxes as infinite. The Virtual Arsenal (which is availiable since Bootcamp) can do the thing.
  2. Add uniforms, vests, backpacks, headgear and goggles available while in Weapons Pool {F25156}


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