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M-900 unable to setHit engines
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setHit command on any of the 4 engines listed in the HitPoints config fails to damage engine at all, where the same scripting properly damages every other helicopter in the game (+DLC); only M-900 is affected.

tail_rotor_hit also appears to be broken for setHit.


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Helicopters DLC
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This is the scripting i use successfully on all helicopters, -except- the M-900:

_configEngineName = getText (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _veh >> "HitPoints" >> "HitEngine" >> "name");
_configEngine1Name = getText (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _veh >> "HitPoints" >> "HitEngine1" >> "name");
_configEngine2Name = getText (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _veh >> "HitPoints" >> "HitEngine2" >> "name");
_configEngine3Name = getText (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _veh >> "HitPoints" >> "HitEngine3" >> "name");

//the config names returned: 'engine_hit', 'engine_1_hit', etc...

_veh setHit [_configEngineName,1];
_veh setHit [_configEngine1Name,1];
_veh setHit [_configEngine2Name,1];
_veh setHit [_configEngine3Name,1];

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while on the subject, why do some single or twin engine heli's have 4 engines listed? each heli seems to have a different combination of engines that need to be hit for the engine to actually get damaged...

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push... nothing happen

heli setHitPointDamage ["HitEngine", 1];


heli setHit ["engine_hit", 1];


heli setHit [getText (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf heli >> "HitPoints" >> "HitEngine" >> "name"), 1];

all work for me. hitengine1,2,... don't work. Latest DEV M-900 in editor, default flying model.

Sweet timing - you all rock! Thanks for testing it out KK...i wasn't even aware of setHitPointDamage command yet :)

Dev Changelog Today:
"Fixed: M-900 had a wrong set of hit points"

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