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Lack of Naval Assets, in regards to Overhauled Naval Capabilities
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Dear BIS. When you first showcased ArmA 3, one of the biggest surprises was the vast ocean, but that was because there was a small showcase of water born capabilities. We say one boat. In game, we have a few, but very rarely used, and for you and your team to undertake a complete overhaul of water capabilities, it's vastly under-proved. ArmA 1 and 2 ddin't have much to do with water. The best we got then, was the Rigged Hull Inflatable Boat. So. ArmA 3, however, with it's improved water in all respects, needs as much love as ground units get. We have a Speedboat and SDV, with respect to a few civilian boats. No real game changer really. So here is a request to look into Naval assets more. Something a little bigger than the Speedboat, and can be tactically employed in different ways.

This is a very excellent example of just one thing that you and the team should consider adding in game. fits 2035, it's very unique, and sleek, well made. BIS, please heavily consider. These are the few things that could make ArmA 3, one of the best ArmA's.


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Patria, i believe, is the same manufacturer in which the AMV-7 Marshall was based off of. If i'm not mistaken, the Nemo Mortar system was going to be on the Marshall at some point but was later scrapped. this would make up for it greatly, and provide an even more dynamic asset to gameplay.

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