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Command to return string of unit's description from editor
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Currently there's no command to return the description of a unit (the one from the field in the editor below the unit's initialization-field, that's shown in the role selection screen).
In a lot of cases it'd be great to have such a command, as you could display not only the rank of unit or the player's/unit's name but its description as well. Currently you can only use getText(configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf(_x) >> "displayName").

getDescription could do that, but it only gives out an array of the unit's clothing and backpack. Something like getUnitDescription should instead return a string from the unit's description-field or, if not specified, the displayName from CfgVehicles.


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Syntax: String = getUnitDescription object
Parameters: object: Object
Return Value: String

_role = getUnitDescription player;
hint format ["You play the role of %2.",_role];

hints "You play the role of MG-Gunner Team Alpha."

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While I believe there should be command like this, there is a workaround

Give your unit name, for example: soldier1
Give your unit description, for example: "Heli Gunner"
In init field put: this setVariable ["soldier1", "Heli Gunner"];

to get description in game use

_unit getVariable vehicleVarName _unit

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That's not actually a bad idea.

(Although an explicit command would still be better.)