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Engine off when turret moves!
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Plz add the ability to switch off engines while the turret gets moved.
As far as i know tanks have this possibility since the turret will be battery driven when the engine is shut down.

This would improve tacticl gameplay and nearly every mission and mod!

It was allready existing in Arma2:ACE and several missions scripted by the community!


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The newer model tanks require the engine to be running to use the turret rotation.. You can set your sights near a target and shut the engine down until needed. You can also fire without the engine being on. I agree, it is a bit sensitive how the engine turns on instantly when you try to rotate. Would you consider a feature that doesn't allow you to move the turret unless the engine was on, instead of the engine turning on when you move the turret?

So basically better theres the option to engine off and turret cant be moved than the other way around.

But i didnt know that tanks need the engine running to move it.

it all depends on how the vehicle is setup, some won't require it, others will.

lucky(ish) for you in the vehicle configs there is a property to turn on the engine when the turret moves, so if it really bugs you, and BIS doesn't add an option, you could always make an addon that turns it off.

for general reference, its the "startEngine" property in the Turret class of the vehicle.

thanks for the info.
Its kinda an option which would be great in vanilla which doesnt require much modding since its way easier to populate servers unmodified!

I saw scripts which did that in A2 before those didnt require mods and did exactly this.

Anyway i would say if its not total 100% realistic it kinda would make sense to have the option which makes gameplay a bit more stalthier!

Yep, some real vehicles are capable to rotate turret using battery electric power.
New Abrams variants can do it while some older variants had auxlarry power unit that was sometimes causing a burns after small caliber weapon hit so it was removed.

Some vehicles have some kind of observation mode for turret rotating. IIRC Leopard had something like this.

In SB PRO PE you could use this advantage in some vehicles. You could become a silent killer with your turret, ballistic computer, LRF, thermals and weapons working without engine running.

Some vehicles using both hydraulics and electric motors to operate turret, i guess that some of them may have electric powered hydraulic pumps.
This recognizable noise inside Abrams was from hydraulics.

great tx for the feedback ill do some more research!