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Units/Objects Spawn under "Ghost Hotel"
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Tried this multiple times on the multiplayer , basicaly i went on the editor and tried to place some Units and objects on the center of the so called Ghost Hotel building , when on preview both units and objects spawn under the building making them both stuck on the building. {F25120} {F25121}


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Steps To Reproduce

1.Go to the Editor
2.Place Units or Objects on the Ghost Hotel Main Building Center
3.Preview and watch results

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Also those objects that I placed at the building they spawn in a weird angle , they seem to be "responding" to the ground that's under the building and not the actual hotel floor .

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"Ghost Hotel"??

maybe you should give a position and/or a screen where you show which building youre talking about

Added some screenshots on the building in question and the coordinates are : 219-210 .

Happens in many buildings unless you use elevation or use commands like setPos.
This is one of the reason a 3D editor is useful. Maybe they're working on one.

Tried to use the Sepos command and it doesn't work, unit spawns over the floor but them he falls under the floor for some reason.